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Bawabt Alsharq, is the largest e-commerce site in the Arab world and Africa, and includes a large number of producers, manufacturers, suppliers and merchants from various categories that include all productive, industrial and commercial sectors and even direct and indirect service providers and providers, among others.

Today, the Bawabt Alsharq attracts millions of visitors per month, and grows very quickly due to the urgent need in the Middle East and Africa region for this service provided through the East Gate, and also because of the quality of service and expertise provided by the Bawabt Alsharq Company through its electronic platform, which serves a very important sector for economic growth in the region and an increase in the size of Trade and exchange experiences in the field of industry, trade and services in the Arab world and Africa.

Bawabt Alsharq acts as a wholesale site in addition to its work as a large international market for many manufacturers in several countries as well as traders from foreign countries. Bawabt Alsharq offers a comfortable and safe shopping experience with different payment methods, increasing the volume of security and guarantee between the parties.

Bawabt Alsharq was established in 2020, and was a pioneer in the field of online shopping in the Arab and African region as a website for wholesale trade and providing many industrial, commercial and public services as well.

In addition to our headquarters in Cairo, in the state of Egypt, the Bawabt Alsharq caters to the needs of Arab and African markets with its commercial offices in each of these countries.

Our logo may have evolved over the years, but our priority has not changed.

From smart technology, everything we do is designed to put the power in your hands directly - giving you the freedom of international and local shopping and providing services and marketing of your products anywhere, especially Arab and African countries, challenging all international borders and all barriers, including the time barrier and maintaining quality and price and reducing Expenses and risks in marketing or purchasing from unidentified persons or not eligible for this volume of trade.

Bawabt Alsharq is trusted by millions, because we not only market products to you, but also make sure that the product, factory, or supplier who displays its products we have qualified and documented and has official papers qualifying to perform such a role in the international and domestic trade process in bulk and we also offer many logistical solutions And different payment methods, we were born here. With East Gate you'll always get a good deal - with exceptional service that makes your shopping experience as easy and smooth as possible.

This is the Bawabt Alsharq - strength in your hands