basics of learning the field of export
  • basics of learning the field of export
  • 22 May 2022

basics of learning the field of export

Exporting is the process of selling products between companies outside the country's borders, this is what we all know right?

Bawabat Al Sharq will give you a golden chance and will shed light on everything any exporter needs to know about this process, and what are the basics of this phase?

First of all, exporting is better than importing, as it represents an important source of foreign currency that contributes to economic growth.

This is why most countries encourage exporters more and facilitate their laws.

If you are someone who has interested to work in this field then you must establish your own company and obtain legal documents for licenses.


What are the basics of learning the field of export?

Like any other new field you want to learn, you have to read and research a lot about all the points related to this field.

Also, you have to put into consideration taking training courses that will qualify you for the level of professionalism or consulting a friend who is a veteran in the field.

Examples of points to look for include:

  1. The products you want to export.
  2. The cost of manufacturing products in your country compared to other countries.
  3. Countries that need these products.
  4. Shipping costs for transporting products from your country to other countries.
  5. Funding sources supporting your company.
  6. How to open a corporate bank account.
  7. Find out about the shipping agents in your country.
  8. Identify the locations of importers interested in your products, whether online or at actual sites.

How to take steps in the exporting market?

First, you need to start receiving regular correspondence, which contains the proposal for the importer interested in those products that you want to export.

If the price is suitable for you, you will send the approval of the offer.

After this comes the part where you have to reach a fine agreement on how the payment will go and then writing contracts begins.

After this, it is the time for the shipping phase and it includes two important steps and they are:

 1- Pay the insurance value.

2-  Inspection until arrival at the port.

Secondly, the official documents are attached to the imported or exported shipment in order to complete the final measures to go through from the customs office.

Documents required to complete the export and import process

A set of documents must be available to enable you to legally practice this business.

Those documents are:

  • Tax card
  • Commercial Register
  • Import card
  • Export card

Standards for transporting goods during export and import

There are several internationally agreed standards for the transfer of goods from the exporting country to the importing country for safety and security for all parties to the commercial process.

Transport insurance

The transport insurance step is done through the customs broker company, which delivers the goods to the place agreed upon by both parties.

Therefore, the customs broker transports the goods, wraps them, and stores them in the warehouses designated for that.

export insurance

This step is carried out through insurance companies specialized in insurance of goods against accidents and damage, this goes by according to the legal documents agreed upon by the issuing party, the importer, and the insurance company.

Goods Inspection

Where the inspection of all the products desired to be exported whether the goods arrived in a fine condition or not.

It is necessary to ensure the safety of the goods in the warehouses specified by the importer and to check them well upon their arrival at it.


Customs policies for import and export

The customs policies are carried out by the customs extract, as the policy must have all the information attached to it, the most important of which is the period of permitting the goods at the port.

Some companies put fourteen days and others give twenty-one days, while the minimum period for allowing the goods to remain in the port is seven days and not less.

Now that you have the theoretical knowledge of the basics of learning the field of export, go ahead and always remember that Bawabat Al Sharq is your ideal friend during your commercial journey.