Egyptian craftsman initiative in cooperation between bawabt alsharq Company and The Chamber of Crafts
  • Egyptian craftsman initiative in cooperation between bawabt alsharq Company and The Chamber of Crafts
  • 28 Sep 2020

Egyptian craftsman initiative in cooperation between bawabt alsharq Company and The Chamber of Crafts

As part of the work on the Sustainable Development Strategy- Egypt 2030, which includes the axis of protection and development of heritage crafts to support and enable industries, and implement the vision of the Handicraft industry Chamber to promote industry and develop all areas and industrial communities of handicrafts, where the Handicraft industry Chamber is concerned with establishing a strong and stable industrial society capable of competing globally, as it’s considered the main locomotive of growth and prosperity in Egypt and the preservation of the Egyptian cultural heritage of traditional crafts through the support and development of Egyptian crafts industries and to advance industrial economic growth locally and globally by creating a climate conducive to the industrial development in terms of increasing the competitiveness of the Egyptian product, where it is characterized by its authenticity in the Egyptian history.

Unique design, environmental crafts innovation and traditional industries, is our way of global uniqueness through the export of our exclusive Egyptian art to the world after its development and preservation of the Egyptian national character and return to the Egyptian national heritage and identity using local designs from the Egyptian environment by blending the past, future and present and melting it is a fundamental goal and the development of the craft sector, is the most important advantage.

The Handicraft Industry Chamber: established by Ministerial Resolution 964 of 2015, the chamber was established by a republican decision of His Excellency the President of the Republic /Abdel Fattah El-Sisilaw No. 2 of 2017. The chamber the is affiliated with Federation of Egyptian Industries and specialized in researching all obstacles of handicrafts and proposing appropriate solutions in partnership with stakeholders and government agencies. It also specializes in cooperation with all organizations and authorities to develop the services of the chamber, and to represent the owners of handicrafts to public and private entities involved in the study and resolution of the crafts problems

Bawabt Alsharq E-commerce company, aims to promote the movement of electronic commerce in the Arab and African region to keep up with the global e-commerce movement and contribute achieving industrial and economic development and achieving sustainable development for the Middle East and Africa region through several solutions to help suppliers and manufacturers to open new international and local markets, and buyers to get a wide range of products, services, quality and development of the economies of the Middle East and Africa through several solutions to facilitate communication and add new value to their markets and help them find suppliers and products quickly with efficient and safe method.

Bawabt Al Sharq helps manufacturers to open their own external markets and market their products all over the world through a specialized team with great experience in the external markets, and we have a network of outstanding relationships all over the world, and full knowledge of all target categories in all sectors and we use the latest artificial intelligence technologies in addition to online payment gateways and shopping search engines.

Bawabt Al Sharq devotes considerable attention to the handicrafts and heritage sectors in order to maintain the capabilities and identity of nations and to provide jobs, raise employment rates and create economic prosperity by building a productive society capable of international competition and meeting the requirements of the global market by developing it with multiple solutions dedicated to this sector.