Most European countries import clothes
  • Most European countries import clothes
  • 19 May 2022

Most European countries import clothes

Most European countries import clothes

In the past, the Egyptian market depended on importing clothes, but since the changes that happened in the import law, the garment industry has flourished in Egypt and has become one of the exporting countries.

And the most European countries import clothes from Egypt:

Poland - Romania - Germany - Netherlands


The Chamber of Garment Industry of the Federation of Egyptian Industries signed an agreement with a program called "Trade", in cooperation with the US Agency for Development.


The objective of this agreement is to qualify local factories for the external export conditions required by countries.


This agreement contributes to increasing the volume of Egyptian exports from the apparel and textile sector by about three hundred million US dollars annually.


50 factories will be rehabilitated annually, bringing the number of factories qualified to export by the end of the five years to about 250 factories out of a total of 356 factories registered with the Chamber of Garment Industry.


This helps to reach the volume of Egypt's exports of clothing to an approximate value of 3.5 billion dollars annually within five years.


The reasons that led to the boom in the export of Egyptian clothes

Egypt was not one of the countries that exported clothes but rather imported many of them, but the situation is impossible, and the global market has developed as a result of the political and social events that occurred, including:


  • The energy crisis in China led to China issuing a law to reduce electricity consumption and thus reduce manufacturing capacities.
  • This led to a reduction in the rate of production and the retreat of China from its role in exporting and its tendency to import to cover the needs of its domestic market.
  • The collapse of the Turkish lira: led to an increase in the cost of production and a rise in the export price, and thus it did not become the best country for exporting clothes, but the verse turned into an importer.
  • The high cost of transportation and shipping from East Asian countries to European countries tended to import and cover their needs from the Egyptian market.
  • Egypt's geographical location and proximity to the European market made it the focus of attention for all traders wishing to invest and increase profit and trade.


European countries that import clothes


Poland is one of the European Union countries that are characterized by its strong economy, as it has been able to pass many economic crises that the European market has gone through.


Despite its multiple productions of various goods and merchandise, it is one of the most European countries importing clothes, especially from Egypt.

Goods that Egypt exports to Poland in the clothing sector

  • knitted fabrics
  • Crochet Products
  • Shirts
  • T-shirts and a host of other windbreakers
  • Men's or boys' sets
  • Pants and shorts
  • Women's suits
  • Women's jackets and blazers
  • Blouses, Dresses

Thus, the market share of ready-made clothing and its derivatives manufactured in Egypt from the total imports of the Poland market is approximately 0.27%.



Romania belongs to the countries of the European Union, and it is one of the largest economic markets in the region, which is characterized by its technology industry and many modern technological devices and helped by its economic growth, its privileged location, and its size, which made it the largest country in Southeast Europe.


Romania controls the land route between the Balkan countries and shares borders with Bulgaria and Hungary, as well as Serbia and Moldova, and thus is considered a starting point for Egyptian exports to the markets of Eastern European and Baltic countries.


The Romanian state resorts to importing some products that cover the needs of the Romanian citizen, as happens in the case of importing clothes from the Arab Republic of Egypt.

As the Egyptian exports to the Romanian market in the first half of 2021 amounted to about 107 million dollars.


The market share of the Egyptian ready-made garments sector in the Romanian market is 0.1%, with an annual growth rate of 8.6%.



Germany has the strongest economy in Europe, and the fourth most powerful economy in the world after the United States of America, China, and Japan.


The value of trade exchange between the Egyptian state and Germany increased to four billion US dollars during the first ten months of 2021.


One of the most important goods that Egypt exports to Germany is clothing, with a value of $71 million. Thus, the Federal Republic of Germany occupies second place in terms of the largest importing countries for Egyptian ready-made clothes.



The Netherlands is located in northwestern Europe and because of its location and borders with countries of great economic importance, the Netherlands has become an important role in the European economy and is completely dependent on international trade, especially with the presence of the largest ports in Europe.


As for the trade exchange between Egypt and the Netherlands, Egypt's exports of ready-made garments to the Netherlands grew by 50% during the first half of 2021.