The  most food products consumption during Ramadan
  • The  most food products consumption during Ramadan
  • 04 Apr 2022

The most food products consumption during Ramadan


value of the average Egyptians’ consumption of food products in the month of Ramadan costs One hundred billion pounds!

, which is twice the value that is consumed monthly!



This statistic came from the Internal Trade Development Authority of the Egyptian Ministry of Supply, as reports proved that the Egyptian people's consumption of food products in the holy month of Ramadan amounts to 6.4 billion US dollars, which is equivalent to 100 billion Egyptian pounds.


This consumption includes:

●      Meat: 30,000 tons are purchased, with an increase of 70%.

●     Poultry: The purchase of poultry ranges between 65 and 70 thousand tons.

●     Dairy: Consumption during Ramadan reaches 100,000 tons.

●     Yogurt: Egyptians consume 60,000 tons of yogurt during the month.

●     Oils: consumption ranges from 60 to 75 thousand tons.

●     Ghee: Ghee consumption is about 75,000 tons.

●     Sugar: 250 thousand tons, and in the remaining months it is only 175 thousand tons.

●     Bread: 35 billion loaves of different types of bread.

●     Beans: 70,000 tons of beans throughout the month.

●     Nuts: 44 thousand tons.


These numbers are according to the latest statistics of the Egyptian Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics, and if they indicate anything, it is that the month of Ramadan has the largest share of sales and consumption of food.


Products imported by Egypt for Egyptian consumption in Ramadan



Egypt imports food products worth up to 59 million US dollars, in order to cover the rate of Egyptians' consumption of food products during the holy month of Ramadan.


●     Rice: 90,000 tons of rice

●     Al-Yamish: Approximately $50 to $60 million.

●     Beans

●     Yellow corn

●     Wheat.

●     Palm oil

●     Edible frozen livers

●     Black tea

●     Soybean

●     Frozen fish

●     Frozen boneless beef


The government is fighting high prices by providing many exhibitions and outlets for consumer complexes, which number about 1,300 outlets at the level of the governorates of the Republic.


Any Egyptian citizen can buy from these places and save a lot of money with the noticeable price difference.


Visitors are welcomed at these outlets from 9 am until 9 pm, to meet the needs of citizens and sell goods and products at discounts ranging from 10 to 25%.


Traders began importing Ramadan yamish early this year to ensure that it arrives on time without delay and that is because of the slow shipping since the global Corona pandemic.


It seems that the increase in the price of shipping at the global level from 8 thousand to 14 and 18 thousand pounds per container led to an increase in the price of yams by 15-20%.


Egypt imports its requirements for the holy month from several countries, such as:

Syria, Iran, Turkey, China, North America, Dubai, Singapore, Vietnam


prices for Yamish Ramadan 2022



●     Raisins: increased from 70 and 80 to 90 pounds per kilo

●     Qamar al-Din roll: its price increased from 20 to 60 pounds

●     Hazelnuts and almonds: the price has increased from 140 to 160 pounds per kilo

●     Ain El-Gamal: Its price has increased from 180 to 200 pounds

●     Pistachio: its price increased from 200 to 240 pounds per kilo.

●     Prunes, apricots and figs: the average price per kilo according to size is 140 pounds


All religious authorities and state officials appeal to citizens to have good management and not to waste during the holy month.


The purpose of the month is fasting and getting closer to God, not excessive buying of goods and wasting a lot of food.


The family of the East Gate Administration extends its warmest congratulations to all citizens on the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan, may God bring it back to the nation with good, Yemen and blessings.