The most important certifications in the field of import and export
  • The most important certifications in the field of import and export
  • 24 May 2022

The most important certifications in the field of import and export

Before having and starting your own business in any field, you must study it well, you have to be aware of the needs of the local and global market, know the competitors, as well as the legal papers and documents that you will need.

For all those interested in international trade, Bawabt Elsharq website offers you the most important certificates related to the field of import and export.


 The import

The process of bringing goods and products from any other country is called import, to meet the needs of the population and the requirements of the various industries existing in that country.


For this process to take place legally, a set of laws and documents regulating this process must be available between countries and their different governments.

Documents (certificates related to the import field)

 Shipping Policy

It is a contract between the owner of the shipment and the carrier company that confirms receipt of the goods, its shape, quantity, and all its specifications, the destination to which it will be shipped, as well as the date of shipment, and the date of delivery of the shipment.


Financial fines may also be mentioned in case of delay of the shipment and all data related to the shipment.


 Commercial invoice

It is that document or whatever that has the price of the product and its quantity on the date of the purchase and sale process. In some countries, it is required that the invoice is in clear, simple, and easy to understand English.


And any commercial invoice must contain some data such as:

  1.   All the data of the exporter or importer, including the name, address, and personal phone number of the company
  2.   Invoice number and date of completion of the purchase and sale process
  3.   The name of the company receiving the imported shipment and the full address in detail
  4.  A comprehensive description of the merchandise, its quantity, unit price, total price, and approval number (based on the laws of each country in payment methods).
  5.   Signature of both sides of the import and export process.


Certificate of Origin

 It is the document that shows the nationality of the goods and the country of manufacture. The certificate of origin document is issued by the exporting country and authenticated by the embassy of the country that manufactured the product to be imported.


 Its importance is evident in two points:


  •  Estimating the value of duties levied on merchandise
  •  Determining the economically prohibited goods in the laws of each country


Quality Certificate

One of the most important certificates for the field of import and export is the ISO quality certificate (IOS), which is a document that clarifies the specifications of the product and its conformity with international specifications and standards.


This certificate indicates that the shipment to be imported meets the legal and administrative requirements related to the products.  It is worth noting that there are seven types of quality certificates.


The quality certificate should include a valid signature from your bank.

Payment receipt

It is a legal document in which the payment process is confirmed, and it contains the date of completion of the purchase and sale process, and the receipt may contain the value-added tax, with the need to verify the transfer code of the bank through which the payment was made.


Documents (certificates for the export field)

One of the most important certificates in the field of import and export, which are common between them.


Commercial Invoice, Payment Receipt, Certificate of Origin, Bill of Lading, and the certificates for the export field are added to the following documents:

Conditional Policies

This document includes all goods that have been damaged, lost, or broken during the shipping process from the exporter to the supplier.

Clean policies

 It is a document that confirms the arrival of the goods in good condition without shortage or damage. Three copies of that document are extracted and distributed to (the exporter - the importer - the carrier).


 This document contains basic information:


  •  The name of the bank through which the payment was made
  •  The name of the carrier and all its data
  •  The physical condition of the shipment, meaning whether the shipment value has been paid or will payment be deferred
  •  Brand seal of the shipped merchandise
  •  A detailed description of the shipment with all its contents


 Insurance Certificate

 It is an official document showing the total value of the shipment, indicating whether the price includes freight (FOB form) or does not include freight (CIF form).