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Axel Hair Care Set with Argan (Shampoo & Conditioner & Hair Mask & Serum)

Axel Hair Care Set with Argan (Shampoo & Conditioner & Hair Mask & Serum)

GM Professional

25 Dec 2020
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Brand Name: Axel
Origin: Egypt
Description:  Axel hair care set with argan (shampoo, conditioner, hair mask and serum)
Suitable for all ages
And for all types of hair, whether it is processed with protein
Or wrinkled and rough, canted, or suffer a fall
Or for a curly hair routine
The set will treat hair perfectly
The result is noticeable and guaranteed from the first use
How to Use:  - Once you put the conditioner on the hair for 3 minutes 
and rinse it to make the hair soft
- Use the hair mask for 10 minutes and rinse your hair
Note: The shampoo and conditioner can be used once
- Then use the shampoo, hair mask and daily serum
- Dry your hair completely and apply the serum from the ends to the roots 
with an amount suitable for your hair on a daily basis on dry hair without washing
Certifications:  Conforming to the Egyptian standard specifications
Ingredients: The components of the group are all natural ingredients
Argan oil and antioxidant vitamins, which means it will nourish your hair and treat it 
from brittleness, frizz and fall. Zero sodium and sulfate will nourish your hair by 
replacing smoothness and moisture and reduce hair breakage stages from the 
beginning, shrinking, lengthening and returning to its naturalness
Function: Integrated set that treats hair breakage and frizz, giving it 
softness and moisture, and reducing hair breakage gradually
The serum is full of vitamins and minerals to revitalize hair
Shampoo to remove grease from hair completely and make hair free of dandruff, 
because it is free of sulfate and sodium
And the conditioner works to moisturize the hair, and the hair mask 
contains a lot of oils to strengthen the hair follicles and soften it
Internal Packaging Type: plastic
Number of Packages inside External Packaging:  4
Capacity: (Serum 100 ml) (Hair Mask 500 ml) (Shampoo 500 ml) (Conditioner 500 ml) 
Product Dimensions: Package Dimensions:
Serum =  6*11 cm
Hair Mask = 15*6.5 cm
Conditioner = 10*16 cm
Shampoo = 10*16 cm
Payment Terms: Cash or (T/T)

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