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Blue Bell Rozalia Hair Lotion

Hair Lotion for hair growth and reducing hair loss

Blue bell

12 Apr 2021
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(Minimum Order Quantity / 72)

Model number :

Brand Name: Rozalia
Description: Has been created by BLUEBELL to:
- Stimulates production & growth of new hair
- Provides energy to increase the size and normal function of hair
- Contains nutrients that transfer active ingredients to hair follicles
- New recent technology of anti-hair loss active ingredient
Benefits: - Reduce hair loss and favors the production of new hair
- Protects hair follicles from aging and from being damaged by dihydrotestosterone
- Reduce oiliness
- Increase volume and thickness of hair making the thinning problem less visible
How to Use: 1 - Apply six puffs from Rozalia hair lotion to the scalp
2 - Massage gently with fingertips for 2 minutes 
To be used twice daily or as directed by the specialist
Shelf Life: 3 years from production 
Origin: Egypt
Internal Packaging Type: plastic bottle
Internal Packaging Weight: 157 gm
External Packaging Type: Carton
External Packaging Weight: 12 kg
Capacity: 120 ml
External Packaging Dimensions: 60*30*20 cm
Number of Packages Inside Carton:    72
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Carton
Delivery Term: From Manufacturer's Place - For Exporting "EXW" is applied

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Company name :
Blue bell
City :
Address :
The Egyptian Kuwaiti Company Project - Building 6006 - Apartment 23 - Maadi - Cairo