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Karismooth Natural Massage Gel 150 GM

Gel Massage for Joint Pain


01 Dec 2021
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Brand Name: Karismooth 
Model Number: 6224009103355   
Origin: Egypt
Description: Joint pain relief gel
How to Use: For external use only:
An appropriate amount of the product is applied on the body areas that have pain (massage with a circular motion about 10 minutes, not less)
It is recommended to be repeated twice a day (in the morning & evening). In addition, the massaged area should be covered and keep warm well to obtain a satisfactory result.
Certifications: Egyptian MOH Registration - ISO- 9001- GMP 
Main Ingredients: The Clocynth product consists of:
 the fresh bitter melon plant - the gothetheria procumulator - colchicum - fennel extract - cumin extract - eucalyptus extract -
a mixture of clove and cinnamon oil - grape seed oil - mint extract.
Function: Anti-inflammatory and rheumatic pains that appear in the back, knees, shoulder and neck
Massage product to relieve pains after violent exercises
 Headaches pain reliever
Helps to get rid of the pain associated with sciatica, acute arthritis and cases of gout Cartilage stiffness
To relieve spasm and contracture muscles and the accompanying pains.
Features: Lotus Clocynth has a superior ability to relieve pains and treat infections fastly because it contains:
Fresh fresh bitter melon plant: It prevents infections resulting from the activity of the lymph nodes, so it has an effective role in cases of arthritis and rheumatism.
Algotheria Procomputer: contains essential oils that include 98% of methyl salicylate, which activates prostaglandins, so it helps to relieve pain and reduce inflammation.
Colchicum: reduces the movement of lymphocytes and phagocytes, which has an effective effect on stopping the activity of these attacking cells in cases of inflammation, and it has an effective role in cases of gout and acute arthritis.
Fennel Extract: Contains anti-shrinking and muscle spasm volatile oils resulting from muscle pains after violent sports.  
Cumin Extract: Contains strong
volatile oils characterized by its effective role in cases of muscle contraction
Eucalyptus extract: contains a lot of alkalis such as synconene and quinine and it is useful in the treatment of muscle and joint pain, as it is useful in cases of rheumatism
clove and cinnamon oils mixture: these oils contain many elements that activate the blood circulation so it helps to relieve pain and get rid of headaches and head pain.
Grape seed oil: Has anti-inflammatory properties where it nourishes the capillaries and improves blood circulation, which helps to get rid of infections.
Mint Extract: pain relief extract as it is an anti-convulsion and soothing one so it has an effective role in reducing muscle contraction and cartilage stiffness and treating sciatica pain.
Capacity: 150 gm
Product Dimensions: 3.5*17 cm
External Packaging Type: Carton 
Internal Packaging Type: Plastic Tube
External Packaging Dimensions: 4.7 * 5 * 17.8 cm
Number of Packages inside External Packaging:   1
Payment Terms: cash
Delivery Term: 50% deposit and 50% COD

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