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Litecel Skin Firming Cream 100 GM

Skin Firming and Tightening Cream

Deluge Pharm

01 Dec 2021
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Brand Name: Litecel
Origin: Egypt
Description:  Skin firming and tightening cream
How to Use: Apply a thin layer of cream on the skin, then rub well, twice daily
  For external use only
Certifications:  E.D.A. REG. NO: 44622/2018
Main Ingredients: Glycerin, Soyabean oil, L-Carnitine, Caffeine, Silicone Gel, and Acetyl Salicylic acid
Function: Litecel fights wrinkles, sagging, deep creases, fine lines, loss of moisture, and all unwelcomed skin changes, it tightens the skin and stimulates the facial muscles tone
Features: Litecel is rich in super-hydrating ingredients and skin firming agents
Capacity: 100 gm
Storage: Keep at room temperature not exceeding 30 C
  Keep away from reach of children
Product Dimensions: Tube 15 cm length- 3.5 cm diameter 
Internal Packaging Type: Tube
Number of Packages Inside External Packaging:           1
Payment Terms: Cash on delivery 
Delivery Term: EXW

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