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Natural Lotus Ostrich Fat Massage Cream 150 GM

Ostrich Fat Massage Cream for Joint Pain


01 Dec 2021
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Brand Name: Lotus
Model Number: 6224009103140   
Origin: Egypt
Description: Joint pain relief cream
How to Use: For external use only:
An appropriate amount of the product is applied on the body areas that have pain (massage with a circular motion for about 7 minutes, not less)
It is recommended to be applied in the evening before bedtime. In addition, the massaged area should be covered and keep warm well to obtain a satisfactory and to reduce pains.
Certifications: Egyptian MOH Registration - ISO- 9001- GMP 
Main Ingredients: Ostrich fat contains:
linolean acid, aloelic acid and collagen, also contains a large amount of triglycerides, omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9, it also contains vitamin A and vitamin E.
Function: Treats joints, bones and cartilage pain
Treats spinal infections
Treats annoying knee pains
Used by athletes to relieve pains after violent exercises.
Used as a massage cream in Muscles shrink and cartilage stiffness cases.
Features: Its original raw form comes with a heavy texture and white transparent color completely as vaseline texture
Its smell is acceptable
Has therapeutic properties
Helps blood flow to all blood vessels
Used as a painkiller as it reduces joint and bones' pains
Improves joint movement fastly.
Capacity: 150 gm
External Packaging Type: carton
Internal Packaging Type: glass jar
External Packaging Dimensions: 5.8 * 9.2 cm
Number of Packages inside External Packaging:   1
Payment Terms: cash
Delivery Term: 50% deposit and 50% COD

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