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Orgakera Hair Treatment Conditioner 200 ML

Hair Treatment Conditioner


01 Dec 2021
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Brand Name: Orgakera 
Model Number: 6224009103713
Origin: Egypt
Description: Hair treatment conditioner
How to Use: Wash your hair with water and shampoo and repeat it
Make sure your hair is completely clean and contains no oils, creams or moisturizers
Rinse your hair 3 times and avoid focusing on the scalp
Before hair styling, make sure that your hair is moisturized not completely dry,
section into 4 equal small strands
Use a hairbrush to distribute  the protein on all strands equally
Be away of your scalp about 1 cm to avoid contact with the scalp
Make sure to remove unnecessary protein from the hair using an appropriate comb and leave it from 30 to 60 minutes maximum depending on the nature of the hair,
Apply a half-rinse with lukewarm water then it has to be dried,  divide your hair into very small strands, press it using the hair piston from the roots to the ends
Repeat smoothing each strand from 10 to 15 times on each strand until the protein penetrates inside
Leave it for an hour then rinse it using Orgakera shampoo
Note: it should be always Used for long-lasting hair straightening
(TIP:  Orgakera Shampoo encapsulates the hair and protects it from damage for 52 consecutive washes with using a protein Orgakera after drying the hair and get soft and smooth hair
Orgakera conditioner could be Used for hair mask as it is applied to the hair using comb and hairstyling and left for 30 minutes and then washed with lukewarm water enjoy your hair soft, elegant and attractive for more than six months with Orgakera products for hair care
Certifications: Egyptian MOH Registration - ISO- 9001- GMP 
Ingredients: Glycerine, Shea Butter, Collagen, Jojoba Oil, Horsetail Oil, Black Seed Oil, Caviar Extract 
Function: Improves your hair
for softer and smoother hair
as it contains keratin proteins which help to untangle hair and make its styling so easy, as it contains a combination of oils that nourishes the hair and moisturizes deeply for its glycerin-rich composition
It increases the thickness of hair because it contains horsetail oil which reduces frizzy hair
It is recommended to use after Orgakera shampoo
Features: This conditioner consists of natural ingredients, as it is has a nourishing hair formula that softens hair from the roots to its ends for soft, healthy and easy to styling hair
It contains black seed oil, horsetail oil, glycerin and keratin 
Capacity: 200 ml
External Packaging Type: Carton
Internal Packaging Type: Plastic Bottle
External Packaging Dimensions: 4.3*15.5 cm
Number of Packages inside External Packaging: 1
Payment Terms: Cash
Delivery Terms: 50% deposit and 50% COD - EXW

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