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Orgakera Sunscreen for Kids 350 ML

Sunscreen for Kids 


01 Dec 2021
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Brand Name: Orgakera 
Model Number: 6224009103959
Origin: Egypt
Description: Suncare product
How to Use: For external use only:
Gently apply a thin layer on the skin 30 minutes before sunlight exposure,
repeat it every two hours, exactly following the previous steps, while you are exposed to sunlight
Certifications: Egyptian MOH Registration - ISO- 9001- GMP 
Ingredients: Homosalate, Glycerine, Octocrylene
Function: Designed for UVA protection
It should be long lasting and water-resistant
The sun protection factor should be at least 30 or more
This is what is characterized by Orgakera sunscreen for children as it is suitable for children from the age of 6 months and is intended for sensitive skin and is free from perfumes and preservatives.
Features: The skin of a child is less thick than the skin of adults and more sensitive to the sun’s rays, and if it is exposed to sunburn, it may cause skin cancer, because the child’s body cannot regulate the temperature like adults and cannot regulate the loss of water and is more susceptible to injury and despite the importance of the sun’s rays to us like getting vitamin D, but the risk of sunburn and skin cancer still exists
Capacity: 350 ml
External Packaging Type: Carton
Internal Packaging Type: Plastic Bottle
External Packaging Dimensions: 7*2.8*21.5 cm
Number of Packages inside External Packaging: 1
Payment Terms: Cash
Delivery Terms: 50% deposit and 50% COD - EXW

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