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BAWABTALSHARQ is the first Arab African B2B platform for electronic commerce that was established in 2020, a portal that specializes in B2B wholesale trade, artificial intelligence technology, as well as e-payment services and shopping search engines

BAWABTALSHARQ arose to reach the seller with buyers and service providers around the world to operate as a large international market to be a comfortable and safe shopping platform with different payment methods to increase the volume of safety between the parties and thus help to increase the volume of trade exchange between the countries of the world, especially the Middle East and Africa.


Bawabt Alsharq has used experts and consultants in e-commerce, marketing, investment and development, programmers, without interruption, since its establishment, to provide the decent product that its customers and partners deserve for success.

The "Bawabt Alsharq" has become a ray of light and success and a helping hand for the major factories, traders and investors with its experts and great team.

Our mission

BAWABTALSHARQ aims to help suppliers to open new international and local markets, and buyers to obtain a wide range of products and services and quality and develop the economies of the Middle East and Africa by facilitating communication and adding new value to their markets and helping buyers find suppliers and their products quickly, efficiently and in a safe way.

BAWABTALSHARQ aims to advance the e-commerce movement in the Arab and African region to keep pace with the global electronic trade movement and contribute to achieving an industrial and economic renaissance and sustainable development for the Middle East and Africa region and benefit from the international trade agreements concluded.

Our vision

To become the BAWABTALSHARQ is the first electronic commerce platform in the world and to contribute to creating a global economic boom by opening new horizons.

The keys to our success

Creativity and keeping up with everything new is the real key to success.

We keep our eyes on the goals and ambitions of our clients, and take the necessary steps to achieve them. Systems and processes that promote sales and improve service delivery to better display products and measure performance, which are implemented by the business team

A clear organizational structure that defines responsibilities, reference, accountability, description of the nature of work and communication protocols. A wide range of products and services, from theoretical (conceptual) designs, through to pre-sales service, to after-sales service, which follow the standards of success and excellence.

The quality and speed of the service provided, which is commensurate with the needs of the market and customers.

The ability to compete and excel with innovation and creativity in using smart methods and methods. Marketing with creativity, persuasion and credibility.

Our Slogan

Your gateway to Africa and the Middle East.